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Online Teaching

Higher Education Experience

I have more than 16 years of experience teaching and lecturing in higher education. In 2017, I completed an Online Teaching Certification program and began my journey designing asynchronous online courses.  I was able to further my pedagogical and curriculum innovation interests through a series of grants including the Innovative Pedagogy Grant, Academic Innovation Grant, and High Impact Instructional Innovation Grant at TAMU. 

All my course materials including instructional videos, learning modules, assignments and formative/summative assessments are designed with principles of Universal Design for Learners and follow Quality Matters rubrics and standards. I design my curricula with digital native students in mind: the course content is mobile friendly and can be experienced in any platform—desktop, tablet, smartphone—allowing students to engage with multimedia at their own pace and convenience. To date, my online courses has been completed by more than 7,500 undergraduate students. Course evaluations and informal student feedback consistently demonstrate tangible metrics of post-course improvement in students’ engagement, active learning, construction of knowledge, and intercultural competency.

In my face-to-face classroom instruction, I work to organize and present course materials in ways that are reassuring of the student’s contributions and, at the same time, stimulating and effective in sustaining life-long learning and intellectual growth beyond the classroom. It is very important for me to create a personable and safe learning atmosphere in class where students know that I am genuinely invested in their academic advancement and can ask for my help and mentorship freely. I use high impact instructional innovation practices to cultivate a sense of belonging in an interactive, welcoming, and inclusive learning community.


Online Courses Designed

Spring 2023

Mastering Focus and Concentration in the Classroom
MECA Continuing Education - Graduate Level

In an era of technology-mediated relationships and overwhelming amounts of information, we are constantly exposed to attention-grabbing activities that erode our ability to focus and function optimally in and outside the classroom. How can we regain a sense of control in our inter-connected and fast-moving world? How do we teach a reward-seeking generation and help our students thrive and survive the attention economy?  This course offers practical and proven strategies to reclaim focus, cultivate brain fitness, and optimize productivity for students and teachers alike. The course addresses the most common focus-hindering factors of contemporary life and explores behavioral and cognitive tools to gain control over our attention.  

Spring 2022

Introduction to Music
University of Illinois Chicago General Education - Undergraduate Level


This course is an introduction to music that provides students foundational concepts to understand, analyze, appreciate, and speak about music. Exploring appropriate music terminology and analytical tools, this course aims to enhance the experience of listening to music within and beyond the classroom setting. We will approach music as a lens through which we can deepen our understanding of the human experience in diverse cultural and historical contexts. Discussion of composers’ lives, musical styles, and representative works will be studied to stimulate curiosity about the process of creativity in composition and performance.

Spring 2018

Performance in World Cultures

Texas A&M University - Undergraduate Level

Introduction to the field of performance studies that investigates the relationship between performance and cultural constructions.  The class embraces a broad spectrum of performances from everyday life to sports and entertainment, social roles and conflict solutions, to the performing arts and high ceremony. This fully-online, asynchronous course, was launched in Fall 2018 and offered every semester thereafter. The course enrolled 1,000 students each term. To date, the course has been completed by more than 6,500 undergraduate students enrolled in various campuses of the Texas A&M System including College Station, Galveston, McAllen Higher Education Center, and Qatar. 

Complete Course List

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