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Transformational Teaching and Learning Conference  | Online
Talk: Intentional Design for Transformational Teaching and Learning
Quick Fire Presentation: Difficult Conversations 101
Texas A&M University  |  April 30


University of Illinois Chicago |  School of Theater and Music
The Spirit of Tango Lecture | Held virtually, September 25
World Flutes Festival |  Mendoza, Argentina
Solo Performance | How to Stay in Shape Participative Workshop
Held virtually, September 20 
Puerto Rico Flute Symposium|  Puerto Rico
Low Flutes 101 Workshop 
Held virtually, June 7-14
Peru International Flute Festival |  Lima, Peru
Solo Performance | Breathing Workshop
Held virtually, May 18-20 
Summer Flute and Piccolo Institute University of Central Florida
Where to Start with Low Flutes  |  Breathing Workshop
Held virtually, June 16, 2020.
St. Olaf University School of Music | Minnesota
Performance Anxiety Workshop
Held virtually, April 7

International Low Flutes Festival II | Urayasu, Japan
Solo Performance |  Urayasu Conference Center
March 20-22 


National Flute Association Convention  | Salt Lake City


Elemental Influences Concert: Celebrating Native American Composers

August 2, 2019.


Fresh Voices, Duo Performance with Mary Karen Clardy

August 1

The University of North Texas College of Music, Denton TX

Breathing Exercises for the Flute

January 18


National Flute Association Convention  | Orlando, MI 
Low Flutes in Concert  | Solo Performance
Barrel Spring  |  10:30-11:45
Native American Influences  | Duo Performance with Mary Karen Clardy
Celebration 3-4  |  11:00-12:00 
International Low Flutes Festival  | Reston, VA 
Performance Anxiety Demystified
Workshop  | 12:00 pm
Solo Performance  | 1:30 pm
Ballroom A  |  Sheraton Reston
Bach BeLow  | 3:00 pm
Professional Low Flutes Choir
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